Lost in Japan
Mount Fuji's dreamy air rustling through your hair as you walk down the street wearing this shirt.
Rs. 549.00
Over My Bread Body
Ain't no person there on this planet that can live without carbs. We love them! Give up carbs? Over my bread body!
Rs. 549.00
Shake Like Salt Shaker
Shake it like Shakira, shake it like a salt shaker too *wink wink*.
Rs. 549.00
An Italian Summer
Take a journey through the streets of Italy, past the leaning tower of Pisa, through the bustling cafes....or wear this shirt.  
Rs. 549.00
C'est Paris
Walk the streets near the Eiffel Tower or with less than half the budget, flex this shirt. It’s all one and the same.  
Rs. 549.00
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