Story of Chilzo


A women owned business bringing you international tastes

We are a product of wanderlust. Our delicious escapades all over the world resulted in the creation of our brand Chilzo. Every product has an adventure behind it. We gathered recipes from all over the world to bring you unique gifts that are sure to give your taste buds a peculiarly odd satisfaction you’ve never experienced before

Supporting farmers

We believe in ethical business practices. All our ingredients are ethically sourced directly from struggling farmers, avoiding the middle man. Thereby, deleting the possibility of exploitation of these hard-working individuals and their families.

Supporting Underprivileged Women

It’s our moral duty to pay it forward to society. We’ve launched an initiative to support and rehabilitate underprivileged women and women who’ve suffered abuse. A percentage of your purchase goes to support and empower the women in our society to make a stronger, and a better India.

Caring for Mother Earth

We care about how we impact our earth and our surroundings. Our highly motivated team strives to be the world’s most environmentally conscious company. We compost all our waste, avoid the use of plastics in our product and recycle our glass containers to reduce our carbon footprint. All our products are Vegan.
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