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Step right up, spice lovers!
Ever felt FOMO for not being present at the vibrant Mardi Gras parade? Fear not.
Chilzo’s Louisiana Hot Sauce is here to bring the parade to you! It is like having a front-row seat to the party, without leaving your kitchen.You'll almost feel the beads coming your way!
It isn't just a condiment; it's a mini getaway straight to the vibrant food districts of New Orleans.


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Taste of Louisiana

Our Louisianian Fermented Hot Sauce is crafted from carefully selected and aged red peppers, salt, high-quality tomatoes. It offers a taste of flavorful boldness straight from the culinary treasure chests of the deep South!
The sauce boasts a meticulous process that involves fermenting and ageing chilies, assuring both quality and authenticity. Afterall, who will take forward the tradition, fervour and versatility of Louisianian cuisine in India if not us?
Whether you're cooking up a storm or just adding a little zing to your favourite meal, our sauce is the game-changer you've been looking for. With every drop, expect a burst of flavour that’s unparalleled, unmatched, and absolutely unforgettable!

Quick Guide To Making Anything Hotter The Louisianian Way!

  • Drizzle

  • Dress it Up

  • Glaze

  • Dip

  • Infuse

  • Mix

  • Layer

  • Stir

Real Ingredients, Not a Chemical Paste!

  • Red Peppers

  • Garlic

  • Vinegar

  • Tomatoes

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

Why Chilzo's Hot Sauce?

Aged to Perfection: The secret to its rich and vibrant flavour profile lies in the ageing process, allowing it to mature into a sauce that your taste buds will thank you for.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: Our slow, artisanal process ensures every bottle is a labour of love, guaranteeing top-notch quality from the very first drop.

Magic is in the Process: With aged and fermented spices at its core, this sauce brings a global, authentic Louisianan taste, crafted locally with care and dedication.

No Compromise on Health: No MSG, gluten-free, 0% trans fat, and 0 cholesterol – it's a guilt-free indulgence!

Food it peps up: Traditionally coupled with southern style fried chicken, Louisianan Fermented Hot Sauce is a versatile addition to your cravings. Pair it up with some tacos, fried rice, baked or fried snacks, and burgers! The list is endless, explore some exciting combinations! We dare you to be creative!

Versatile: Our hot sauce is a flavour upgradifier that knows no bounds, blending seamlessly with various cuisines to amplify taste.

A true culinary chameleon that elevates the taste of any dish with just a dash!

We Heard Rumors


I have tried quite a few of the Chilzo products and they are always of outstanding quality, so I expected this one to be nothing less. I had not tried a harissa sauce before though, so I did not know what I was in for. The intensity was good, the aftertaste was good, the colour was great, the packaging is easy to navigate.
Manisha Solanki

22nd August 2022


On tasting the sauce I was both relieved and incredibly glad that I had requested it. It is delicious- tomatoey, flavoursome and ever so slightly smokey. There is the smallest kick of heat, but nothing to overpower the aromatic spices and sweet vegetables. I used it as a dip alongside some chips- this was out of this world, especially when I added a small blob of aioli on the top. It was also really great alongside a burger and onion relish in a bun for dinner.
Naman Bangad

12th October 2022

Chilzo Sauces only!

I think this is the nicest harissa sauce I have ever tried. Eight of us tested it over several days and not one person made a negative comment. Although full of flavour, it is unusually mild for a harissa which meant it appealed even to the youngest child.
Prachi Kulkarni

8th January 2023

Hot Sauce
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