Red Harissa Masala

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Add a blast of flavor to your plate with Red Harissa Masala! Infused with chili peppers, garlic, and a savory spice medley, this premium blend packs a punch of flavor with every sprinkle. Give your lamb, chicken, or veggies a spicy upgrade and watch as they transform into mouth-watering masterpieces. Don't settle for bland meals, spice it up with our Harissa Masala – the missing ingredient for a fiery good time!

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Taste Of Tunisia

Step up your spice game with our Harissa Masala - the original pound party in a jar! Born in Tunisia's bustling spice souks, this fiery seasoning has been smashing together chili peppers, salt, and savory spices for centuries. And now, you too can join the harissa party with every shake of this bold and spicy blend. Add a little heat to your meals and let the flavor frenzy begin!

Season Your Heart Out With Our Aromatic Harissa Masala!

  • Marinate Meat or Paneer

  • Season On Salad For A Kick Of Spice

  • Season Your Pasta With It

  • Season Your Pizza With It

Only Good Ingredients

  • Cunim Powder

  • Premium Chillies

  • Coriander Powder

  • Garlic

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

Why Chilzo’s Red Harissa Masala?

Your Go-to Seasoning: Add some flair to your taste buds with Chilzo's Red Harissa Masala! This authentic North African blend packs a punch with chili peppers, garlic, and tantalizing spices, making it the perfect partner for your lamb, chicken, or veggie dishes. Join the spicy revolution and add a touch of Tunisia to your meals with Chilzo's premium Red Harissa Masala!

Enhance Your Traditional Meals: Get ready to heat things up with our delicious and aromatic harissa masala! As soon as you open the jar, the tantalizing blend of chili peppers, garlic, and savory spices will have your mouth watering. And the best part? Our harissa masala adds a bold and spicy twist to any dish, without overpowering the authenticity of the flavors. So go ahead and spice up even the blandest of meals with a sprinkle of our heavenly harissa masala

Super- Versatile: Add a touch of North African heat to your kitchen with Chilzo's premium harissa masala. This delicious blend of chili peppers, garlic, and spices will have you ditching bland, boring meals in favor of bold and spicy flavors. Just a pinch of our harissa masala transforms even the most mundane dish into a tantalizing taste experience. So, let's spice things up, shall we?

Vegan and Gluten-free: Unleash your inner spice aficionado with our fiery and flavorful Harissa masala. Whether you're looking to add some heat to your favorite dishes or just want to shake up your mealtime routine, our vegan and gluten-free Harissa is the perfect choice.

No Artificial Colours Or Flavours: And who says eating healthy can't be fun? With our harissa masala, your taste buds will dance with every bite, and your kitchen will be the new hot spot for spice lovers. So say goodbye to bland, boring meals and hello to the fiesta in your kitchen with Chilzo's Red Harissa Masala!

Word of Chefs!


I have tried quite a few of the Chilzo products and they are always of outstanding quality, so I expected this one to be nothing less. I had not tried a harissa sauce before though, so I did not know what I was in for. The intensity was good, the aftertaste was good, the colour was great, the packaging is easy to navigate.
Manisha Solanki

22nd August 2022


On tasting the sauce I was both relieved and incredibly glad that I had requested it. It is delicious- tomatoey, flavoursome and ever so slightly smokey. There is the smallest kick of heat, but nothing to overpower the aromatic spices and sweet vegetables. I used it as a dip alongside some chips- this was out of this world, especially when I added a small blob of aioli on the top. It was also really great alongside a burger and onion relish in a bun for dinner.
Naman Bangad

12th October 2022

Chilzo Sauces only!

I think this is the nicest harissa sauce I have ever tried. Eight of us tested it over several days and not one person made a negative comment. Although full of flavour, it is unusually mild for a harissa which meant it appealed even to the youngest child.
Prachi Kulkarni

8th January 2023

Red Harissa Masala
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