Trio Italiano

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Trio Italiano is an exquisite bundle of Arrabbiata, Marinara and Pesto, filled to the brim with enthralling sapidity. Cook an authentic Italian meal in a jiffy with these Italian delicacies, experiencing a range of flavours. Turn up the spice with our hot Arrabbiata, mellow it down with classic Marinara and dive into a creamy and fresh Pesto for a herby meal.

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Trio Italiano

Immerse in the diaspora of ebulliently savoury Italian flavours with our trio consisting of Marinara, Arrabbiata and Pesto. When it comes to our tomato based sauces, Arrabbiata and Marinara, we believe in slow-cooking the sauces to develop a complex and rich flavour, seasoned with exotic Italian herbs. Pesto is a different story altogether, made with freshly picked Basil, doused with Extra Virgin Olive oil and piqued with a blend of Italian Parmesan Cheese and Garlic.

Trio Italiano
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