Chinese Duo - Chilli Oil & Schezwan

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Our Chinese combo offers a journey to umami with Chilzo’s zesty and spicy combo of Schezwan sauce and Chilli Oil, satisfying the foodie and the health enthusiast in you. Dip, Drizzle, Cook, and experiment with our Sichuan-inspired concoctions and make the most flavorsome meals at home.

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Yin to Your Yang

Let’s ride a dragon on a wave of Umami with our delectable sauces quintessential of Sichuan cuisine. Bow to the explosion of East-Asian flavours that will leave you in splits with their signature deep, tantalising, complex yet exquisitely balanced profile. Get the chi flowing with Chilzo’s Chilli Oil and Schezwan, curated with the finest and authentic ingredients containing no artificial colours or flavours.

Chinese Duo - Chilli Oil & Schezwan
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